Dysnomia Pre-Order is Live

UPDATE:  Dysnomia has SOLD OUT in less than 48hrs.  Thanks crazy people.  Sorry if you missed out.  Get me on the next one.

The Pre-Orders for my comic Dysnomia have started.

Here’s the details:

“PRE-ORDER NOW! Shipping 5th July 2013



A Surreal Comic book influenced by the universe of Mater Suspiria Vision

32 pages, softcover (250g high gloss chromo cardboardsleeve),FULL COLOR + Dysnomia CDR by Mater Suspiria Vision as soundtrack while reading.


Go here to Pre-Order


I don’t really know how fast these might go, so get in early.  You’re competing not just against people who want to buy my comic, but also people who want to buy music from Mater Suspiria Vision.  So think of it as a race I think.  A wacky race.

But yeah.  I’m pretty happy with this project, and it was fun to work with Cosmotropia De Xam.  We both were very much on the same wavelength in terms of Jean Rollin, Crepax, Losfeld type comics—and I’ve always been interested in doing some sort of super limited edition type release of work—where it’s super small numbers and then gone forever.

This is the only way you’ll be able to read this comic.  I’m not going to collect it anywhere, it won’t be available as a digital release—this is the only way you’re going to get this.  And hey, it’s my first comic in print—so it’s like a super #1 variant holograph kind of thing.

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2 Responses to Dysnomia Pre-Order is Live

  1. herod says:

    Hi…just snagged a copy of this, super-excited! I’m coming at it from the Mater Suspiria Vision / graphic novels angle, being a huge fan of both. Didn’t know of your art before this; that’s about to change…just checked it out, looks great, I see the Crepax and Schiele influence, kinda reminds me of J. M. Ken Niimura too, maybe even a dash of Bill Sienkiewicz in there somewhere. Whatever, should be an interesting match with MSV’s music, looking forward to it.

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